Mid Century Modern Seating

Lounge Chairs, Ottomans, Bar Stools and Armchairs

Below is a selection of some of the Mid Century Modern vintage seating currently showing at Per Se Gallery, to inquire for more information please contact us. Read More

Chair and seating design from the mid twentieth century exemplified much of the overall style of the period. The sleek design is both harmonious with its environment and functional for everyday life. Rather than copy ornate designs of the past, the mid-century modernists sought to create a new aesthetic that defines the moment with timeless beauty. Right angles and hard edges gave way to curves and shapes more fitting to the human body.

Don S. Shoemaker and George, heir to the family business, brought the movement to Mexico. They feature native Mexican exotic woods in their work, producing furniture that is both durable and naturally beautiful. Their “Zig Zag” chairs would make a great conversation starter in any room. The shape is unconventional but they are also functional and particularly useful for entertaining. The husband and wife team Charles and Ray Eames were staples of the mid century modern movement. They revolutionized the use of molded plywood to form fresh new looking shapes. Their lounge chairs are hallmarks of the era. They combined the modernist sensibility and everyday comfort with a splash of fun.

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