Mid Century Modern Tables

Dining Tables, Coffee Tables, Night Stands, and Accent Tables

Per Se offers a wide range of mid century modern tables by renowned designers. Some are unique to Mexico, while others range from Danish Modern to American and Italian Postmodern pieces. Contact us for more details and price quotes. Read More

Muller’s was a famous store open in the heart of Mexico City during the mid twentieth century. American Guy Muller owned it and became world famous for his unique sculpted onyx and brass creations including tables. Locally, he became known as “Mr. Onyx.”Danish Modern furniture thrived in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Johannes Andersen’s “Smile Table” is one example of the delicate balance between playful and functional that the movement exemplified. They were known for clean sweeping lines and very high quality.

Italian postmodern designer Tobia Scarpa created the “Andre” Dining Table. His award-winning work is exhibited in museums around the world including the The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) in New York.

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