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Octogonal Floor Lamps

Made in Mexico

Lamp Shade: wood veneer, fabric

Lamp Bases Available: wood, pyramid, tube


Horizontal Lamp Shade: 50cm x 33cm/ total lamp height 1.65m

Vertical Lamp Shade: 35cm x 50cm / total lamp height 1.65m


Horizontal Lamp Shade with Wood Base: $10,900

Horizontal Lamp Shade with Pyramid Base: $6,500

Horizontal / Vertical  Lamp Shade with Tube Base: $6,500


Available Woods for Lamp Shade: Maple, Nogal Americano, Ebano Negro, Teak, Black Apricot

Available Woods for Lamp Base: Nogal Americano, Haya


Small pieces of wood veneer are seamlessly mounted on a translucent fabric to create a stunning organic light.

Each piece is made to order and packed for international shipping.


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